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Indeed, it is a blessing to be in good health, and I am delighted that you've chosen Sunshine Pediatrics to help your child's needs.

Regarding health concerns of your child, I encourage you to call my office anytime, so that I may give you the informative advice and assistance you need.

I welcome new patients!

The Best Care for Your Child

At Sunshine Pediatrics, our skilled team of Sunshine pediatricians offers comprehensive medical care for infants, children and adolescents. Conveniently located in the heart of St. Louis, our courteous and knowledgeable staff works hard from first contact to make every visit to our office positive.

Whether it's your child's first visit to our Sunshine office, or just a routine well–child checkup, we strive to make sure you and your child are always comfortable and informed. We take the time to talk with parents to help you understand your child's needs, and we equip you with the knowledge necessary for promoting a lifetime of optimal health and wellness.

To help you get acquainted with our practice, we have provided the important information you need on our website. Please browse these pages to learn more about our skilled doctors, services, office details, commonly asked questions, new patient forms and even to request an appointment.

Our pediatricians in Sunshine Pediatrics believe exceptional care is obtained when there is an on–going relationship between the doctor and patient. We want to be lifelong partners in your child's health. We achieve this goal by listing to your questions and concerns, and educating you on how to promote a healthy lifestyle for the entire family.

When you choose Sunshine Pediatrics, you can feel confident that you are teaming with knowledgeable, compassionate doctors who have dedicated their careers to child–focused health care. Please do not hesitate to contact our office with questions or concerns. Our Sunshine pediatricians and nurturing staff look forward to meeting you and your family. We do Rapid Strep Tests, Influenza Tests, RSV Tests at our office.

Thank you,

Dr. Makin Ahmed


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  • Dr.
    Makin Ahmed
    • Board certified in Pediatrics
    • Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics
    • Affiliated with Memorial Hospital, Belleville & St Elizabeth Hospital, Belleville
    • Experience in Pediatrics for over 25 years

    'As a physician, I strive to establish a relationship with you and your child.'


    You can't ask for a more caring and kind pediatrician. We met Dr. Yassin 14 years ago when my first son was an infant. Shortly after, we moved away for a while. When we came back, almost 12 years later, she still remembered me, him, my mother and everything about us! She is now the permanent pediatrician for all three of my children and I wouldn't trade her for anyone else!

    LaNese V.

    She's the best! We have a special needs son and I couldn't ask for a more compassionate & wise doctor. She treats him like he can beat the odds. She's amazing, I highly recommend her!

    James T.

    One of the best Doctor's I have encountered. My family and I love her

    J Chaunte

    Last week we visited the office and met Dr. Makin Ahmad. He is such a good person, and We will continue to go to this office for our Kiddo check-ups.

    Zikrullah H.

    Excellent human kind!!

    Natasha B.

    She's amazing. She has a very kind heart and definitely knows what she is talking about. We spent a few days in the nicu for some stomach issues when she was born and no one ever mentioned anything about hearing a murmur. We went for our first check up and she noticed it right away. She ordered an echocardiogram and come to find out she has a VSD. I'm thankful for her and her great knowledge of pediatrics. We also had some specific wishes in regards to the vaccine schedule and she respected them. I highly recommend her!!!!😊

    Natalie S.

    She is very good doctor & retired from her services.

    Pradeep V.

    The reception staff and the doctor are very friendly. We had a good experience as new patients.

    Diego V.

    Really hated to find out Dr. Yassin retired. She was my children's Dr for 20 years. The service we recently received from Dr Ahmed was very personable... he was very through and I truly appreciated his follow up calls to make sure my son was ok...very kind.

    Tina P.

    The service we recently received from Dr. Ahmed was very personable. He was very thorough and I truly appreciated his follow-up calls to make sure my son was ok. Very kind.

    Tina P.

    I truly appreciate how Dr. Ahmed is available at all times and I can walk in at any time for an appointment. This is the first time I have had a pediatrician text me and my husband to follow up on my children’s health. He has also allowed us to text him for advice when our children are sick. He is truly a very helpful and caring doctor.

    Ranaa A.

    I was very sad that Dr. Mona Yassin retired. She was a great doctor. But Dr. Makin Ahmed has been a wonderful replacement. I truly appreciate how he is available at all times and I can walk-in at any time for an appointment. This is the first time I have had a pediatrician text me and my husband to follow up on my children’s health. He has also allowed us to text him for advice when our children are sick. He is truly a very helpful and caring doctor.

    Ranaa A.

    Dr. Yassin is a warm and friendly doctor who takes a real interest in our four kids. She's been our Pediatrician for fourteen years now and we've haven't a single complaint or concern about the care our kids received.

    This is a private practice, which ensures you'll get Dr. Yassin. I highly recommend her.

    Gregory P.

    Dr. Yassin is honestly like family to us. I have been taking my older son there since birth and he is 21 now. I also have a 5 and 2 year old that go there and we all adore her and trust her completely. She is highly competent and I wouldn't want to have my kids anywhere else.

    Katy P.

    We have been with Sunshine Pediatrics for about 4 years now. Our experience with Dr. Makin Ahmed has been awesome. He takes keen interest in taking care of my kids' health. He is always available on the call even at night which I appreciate the most. His staff is very welcoming and soft-spoken. We have recently moved further away from the Sunshine Pediatrics but we have decided to be with Dr. Ahmed because of his expertise and our wonderful experience with him.

    Sunil S.

    They take unvaccinated children! ❤

    Yu-Shae B.

    I love Dr. Yassin!! All four of my children go to her. She’s been our pediatrician for 13 years. She genuinely cares about each child as an individual. We never feel rushed. She’s very personable and has the friendliest staff.

    Tiffany P.

    Dr. Makeen has filled Dr. Mona's shoes perfectly. The situation was quite difficult, but Dr. Makeen handled it so well. His care for my kids has been very good during my two visits. His politeness and experience make my children love him. It is his ability to provide great consulting services that makes him so valuable.

    Neeraj J.

    We adore Dr. Yassin. She has been our pediatrician for 4 years now. We wouldn't think of switching.

    Cassi P.

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